Monday, May 01, 2006


I am finding that walking is really good for you. I have never been a big walker....too slow and redundant for me. But in this quiet time, I have found walking to be a good time to think and pray. These walks have turned into good times to process my day, and to give it to God.

God gave me a place to walk, right next to my house. There is a 3 mile trail within 50 yards of my house. I have no excuse... So for the last 14 days I have walked. It gets me out of the house.
There is nothing special about the pace. But it is not about how fast, but just the fact that I do it.

It's a great habit for the next 25 years...Physically and spiritually.

So, If you come by, and the car is there, but I am not... just figure that I am out "walking around."