Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bent beneath the load

This afternoon, I meet with someone who carries a heavy burden. She has stage four breast cancer. That is always tough, but this is really tough, because she is a mother and a wife. She didn't ask for this... She has tried to live for God in her life, but here she is... What a load.

I don't know what to say. But that is good in most cases. When I go into a conversation with an agenda, I usually minimize the potential of the moment. I just want to listen, pray and let her know that this new church she attends cares. We can not heal her, but we can pray for her and her family. We can't wave a magic wand and assume that it will all disappear. But on her behalf we can call on the God who carries the burdens.

Pslam 146: 8 says, " The Lord lifts the burdens of thsoe bent beneath their loads." Have you ever been bent beneath your load? I have... most of the time is of my own doing. Overscheduled, consumed with my own needs and desires, frustrated because things are not going MY way.... it goes on and on. I have never had the personal load of cancer, but I have been close to several who have. God works in that...Sometimes it has been a load on me, but God provided a special friend or two, who come along side and say, "Let me take the load" ( Then they say, "Straighten up.")

The promise is that God lifts those burdens. How does he do that? Anyway he wants. Dramatically? I am sure that sometimes the lifting is amazingly dramatic. Subtly? He works that way too. Through other people? For sure... and it is often a surprise who it is that He uses.

I just know that when I am walking along, and I am bent beneath my load, I need help. And it is okay to ask for it. And when I am walking upright... when the load is a bit lighter, then I can be used to help lift a load.

That is what I hope to do this afternoon... Lift a burden...even for a minute.