Monday, January 28, 2008

Catching up in 2008

Its been a month since I last posted. Life has been pretty hectic...

The big news is that Elizabeth's baby is a girl. Grace Capri will be her name. We never knew what our children were before they were born, but in this day and age with all the technology, it seems to be the thing. I told Lizzie that even with that technology a set of parents can be surprised. She seems pretty confident.

Yesterday at church, as part of Sanctity of Life Sunday, I put a picture of the sonogram on the screen. The reaction of the congregation was predictably positive. They are excited for Lizzie and for Pam and I as well. We are excited for them.. Nathaniel is in the middle of basketball season which means games ( Junior High and High School)5-6 nights a week! So they are both busy.

Another development.... Joel got a job. He is working for an internet software company called VIDOOP. ( He is part of the Buisness Development team, researching markets and contributing any way he can. We are are happy for him. It is a job that he waited for, hoping for the last 6 months to get on. And he did. He is apartment shopping and will be moving into Tulsa pretty soon. We are thankful that he is working in Tulsa, although his goal is to be relocated to New York City as soon as possible! Good for him!( If he gets there, we will have a place to stay).

Lydia and James are great. Lydia has had opportunities to go to work with the school districts in the Joliet area... details are being worked out, but she will be great as an assistant in the classroom. She also loves being a minister's wife. James is avery talented leader and even better, he cares for and loves Lydia so much.

Abigail went back to school (Ozark Christian College). She had a very successful first semester... and is now working toward ministry opportunities for this summer. In addtion she got a job at Payless shoes, which fits her schedule well, and will help her prepare financially for the coming three years of college. She also has a boyfriend. Tyler is a great young man from Stilwater Ok. Abigial and him have known each other for several years and decided late this fall to "take it to a new level." They seem really good together. He is also a student at OCC.

So we are close to being empty-nesters. I can not think of anyone that I would like to share this latter part of my life with than Pam. We believe it will be alot of fun... Best of all, we are beginning to see new ways that God wants to work through us. Together!

The new year started off strong for the church. We have had great attendance. In addition we have had a bunch of baptisms... Our staff is praying for 100 this year. The building is coming along and withing 45 days of completion ( phase I). I knew this would be big...but I really had no idea. I am not sure that anyone could have prepared me for the amount of leadership, attention to detail, delegation and stress (yes... I said stress) that this has been. I have managed pretty well, but that is in large part due to a tremendous staff, great leaders and a super Building team. In addition to all that, I have seen God provide in multiple ways, from many different directions. The worship center is close to completion, as is the Early Childhood center. Children's areas are not far away... and believe it or not, Phase II is starting in the next couple weeks.

Health wise, I have ups and downs. I go back to the Dr. in March, which will be almost two years since the first stroke. I am not back to 100 %, but Pam reminds me that the Dr. said "Three years." Fatigue still slaps me down and when it does, my speech becomes a little garbled, and words don't seem to flow very well. One Sunday this last month, it was particularly bad... I had warnings... The Saturday before I was really tired. So when that happens, I try to stop what I am doing and just chill! ( To use Pam's word)

Overall, I am incredibly blessed. And grateful that God has chosen to allow me to live with whom I live with, serve the church I serve with and get to enjoy it all.

I can't ask for alot more than that.