Saturday, November 07, 2009

Learning lessons from good teachers

Who was your favorite teacher? In school, I had so many teachers ( and it has been so long ago) that I really can't remember a favorite. I had a German teacher that I liked... and a High School Geography teacher I really liked. Of course, he was also my basketball coach( maybe that was it).

But outside of school I have had alot of teachers. Pam has taught me alot. She does not conduct lessons...but she has taught me that you do what you have to do when things that are unexepcted come your way. I can never forget how she stepped up 3 1/2 years ago and took care of me when I was sick. She did not sign up for what she got. She taught me about committment, love, and keeping at it even when it was hard. She has taught be about sacrifice. And her care for me and my health continues to this day ( as we had a talk about my schedule). I would like to think I would do the same thing... but I am well know for being a little low in "mercy gifts." Her example shows me the way.

My parents are teaching me right now. Same sort of things. Into thier 70's, when things should be kind of cruising, they have hit some hard times. But they keep a positive spirit. They are supportive of my sister who has really struggled. Thier faith is strong, and thier love for each other is growing. Its encouraging to me... and teaches me about how I should be.

I have a co-worker named Lori who is teaching me some things right now. She has stage IV melanoma. She has had more heartbreak and sorrow in the last 3 years than most of us combined. And now this. The doctors prognosis is not good for her...but she is teaching me that there is optimism when you have faith in Christ. She is teaching me that it is okay to laugh your way through the bad news, and always be looking for the positive. Her notes that say, "Hey, Its a great day to be on this side of the grass," is pretty amazing. She is teaching me... about how to live well, even in spite of tough circumstances.

I have a friend who is teaching me that finding something you love to do for yourself is okay. He recently did something pretty cool and he is like the proverbial kid in a candy store. He is dedicated to God, to the church, to his family and to his work. It is cool to see him do something fun for himself. I need to learn a lesson or two there...

I am learning from Jesus. This month I have been looking at passages that deal with stewardship. Its a touchy subject for some people. Jesus did not pound on people, he just loved them, told them the truth and let the truth settle in their heart. That is what I want to do more of... "let the truth settle in thier heart." I do not have to change lives... that is the Holy Spirit's job. I just have to be used by him to get the Word out there...

God keeps putting teachers in my life... it must mean that I have alot to learn. I suppose that is true for all of us... Teachers are all around let's keep learning.