Saturday, December 12, 2009

Compliments and Criticisms... Learning from both.

"It takes 10 compliments to offset 1 criticism." I found that out this week.

I like compliments....alot. I get alot of them. People are really good to me.

I am good with constructive criticsm... really. I get more than you might think... and if the spirit is right, I deal with it pretty well.

I am not good with nit-picky and veiled shots that people sometimes take.

This week I got all three.

After thinking about it, and sulking just a little bit, I realized that one specific compliment was given to me ( by someone whose opinion I value greatly), in advance of the negative statement. God brought it back to me and reminded me that I need to accept the kernal of truth, but not let it get to me. Most criticism, even the nit picky shots have a kernal of truth. God uses it , even when it hurts.

Then today I read a piece from a highly respected leader who wrote that "Leadership is hard." Why should it be any different for me? Some days are hard...honestly, for me, most are not. I am blessed to be in a great church, with great people, a great staff, and fantastic leaders.

Tonight Pam and I went to a young adults Christmas event... and I was reminded, "This is why I do what I do." Young adults, many of whom have come up through our ministry to youth in the past 15 years, serving God, raising families, and reaching out. I see thier leaders and I think, " We are in good shape for the future...Leadership is coming up." I came away boosted and enouraged by them. It was exactly what I needed.

Now I am ready to go preach tomorrow...