Thursday, January 18, 2007

Its been a while...

It has been a while since I blogged last... Let's see.... what's been going on?

ICE STORM 2007- This is pretty bad around here. After 6 days below freezing, we finally got above the 32 degree mark today...just in time for the next heavy snowfall event. This ice storm created some major kinks in schedules. For instance, a week off of school only means that the kids get to go into June. ERRRRRR. We did not have church Sunday or Wednesday night. ERRRRRR. Chipping ice is no fun. ERRRRRR. We had about 3-4 inches of sleet and ice. Treacherous.... slippery.... Falls...... ouch!

ARKANSAS "IMPLOSION"- I am big sports guy, so I pay attention to this stuff.... And our oldest daughter is a Arkansas Alumnus, married to an Arkansas Alumnus.... so this is big stuff. So whats the deal? Well bottom line it looks to me like "the inmates are running the aslyum." First, The head coach gets told, "win or else." Implied in that is the demand, "Get the three best players in the state off of the local team( Springdale). So what does coach do? He hires the coach!. And low and behold the players follow the coach. Then there is a book that is written about the High School team and the stars. I haven't read the book but reports say there were some less than flattering things said about the Arkansas Coach.

The story continues. The Star Freshman Quarterback sits on the bench in the first game ( a loss), then starts the next 7-8 games, all wins. But he is replaced by the third string QB (at the start of the season). Worse yet, the team does not pass, ( Bad news for the hot shot QB). Instead the run all over the place... two running backs are stars, All Americans!. And the team wins 10 games in a row. Then they lose three in a row....

One of the star players , a wide receiver says, "I want more passes, they ran too much, I am transfering to USC." OOOOOH.... a crack in the exterior of the hog nation!

That is just the beginning. Then the mothers of the star players from Springdale have a press conference. THE MOTHERS ! Who has their mother speak for them?!! It was stupid. And the Coach then is forced to say, "Hey everything is okay...just family matters that need to be worked out."

It continues. The High School coach, hired a year ago, jumps ship to Tulsa University. Rumors abound. Was he mad? Was he forced out? Whats the real story? Coach has another Press Conference to thank the coach for his contribution to the team. Nice move.... nobody believes it though. Something is up.

The next day the star Quarterback goes to the team meeting and tells the coach, "I want my release..." Rumors swirl...... Where would he go? Coach holds another press conference to say, "I will let all my players go if they want." I understand that... however, I wonder what would happen if they all said, "Okay... I want to transfer." Maybe he just gets the Springdale High School team to become the that would not work.

Rumor is that Shiloh Christian Academy could do it... or at least Ronnie Floyd thinks so. ( See his blog,

Today the news is..Mitch Mustain was in Tulsa.... The Star QB in TTown! Does it get any better than that...

Maybe it does. Maybe someone needs to tell the star QB that "you signed a letter of intent" which is a committment. A promise in my mind. And unless you are being abused (which was a rumor that I have a hard time believing) stay in school, and get an education. The odds of you going to the NFL are a million to 1.

So anyway, what does this have to with anything? Really nothing except for the fact that I have a terrible case of cabin fever and I am looking for anything to be amused by.

Now, if you didn;t like what I just wrote... I think I did you a favor. I watched American Idol last night... What a HOOT! Do these people not have any real friends who have the guts to say, "You are pathetic.... you can't sing... Don't sing....! " Apparently they do not have friends.

But you have to admit... It is funny.

Hopefully after the 5-8 inches of snow we are supposed to get this weekend, things will get back to normal.

And maybe I will too.....


Jeff said...

Hi Charlie. The Arkansas football program should be a soap opera. I appreciate your comments about someone committing to something and following through. We need much more of that.

I also watched American Idol last week and laughed at those poor folks -- some who I believe were serious about competing and others who were just looking for their 15 seconds of fame.

But a funny thing happened to me the next day. As we were talking about it at work, I began to think about sitting and watching this show with my two impressionable boys and what message my laughter about these "singers" sent to them. I believe that our society is doing a fab job at dehumanizing individuals, and Simon's little put-downs cause us to join in that process. We laughed at an individual because he looked like a "bush-baby" -- a direct insult to the way God made him. I think our society puts way too much value on how well a person speaks, sings and looks. Seeing the value in all people and treating them with civility and respect would be a much more Christlike quality.

Of course it wouldn't have been as entertaining to see Simon say, "You know, I'm afraid that you're not a good enough singer to make it on our show, but I appreciate your heart and willingness to share your dream."

Many thanks for the blog, Charlie. Your posts encourage me and my family.

Jeff Davis

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