Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The new website for FCC OWASSO is now up and going. We hope that the website ( will become the front door to our church. So many people use electronic media to find out about what we are doing and who we are!

With that in mind, soon I will be linking this blog to the website. I hope to use the blog to communicate more and more to the church and to those that are searching for a church about the things going on at FCC.

This means that I will post more than I have in the past. It also means that I will probably be more focused on church events, or items of interest to the church family. My hope is that it will spur interest in other sections of the website including children's, early childhood, youth, groups and worship.

I won't totally abandon some thoughts and reflections about my life or the life of my family. You probably will see an occassional photo of Gracie or any of our kids.

I am hopeful that you will check it often and use the blog as a way to connect to the work of God at FCC OWASSO.