Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our summer series this year is "Wise Words for not so wise people." I think we all need a heavy dose of wisdom... and Proverbs certainly is a great book to learn from.
So far,I have recieved alot of very positive comments. This book and the messages seem to resonate with people...

Planning preaching takes alot of time, prayer, thought and conversation. The fact is that I am not one of those guys that can wake up every Monday and say, "I wonder what I should preach about this week?" If I did that, I would not last 3 weeks. Some guys can do that... Other guys take chunks of time off in the summer, go away for 3-4 weeks and work up a full years sermon titles and texts. For me, things slow down enough around here that I can give more time in my daily schedule to this. I have found it is better for me to bite it off in chunks , rather than trying to plan for a full year all at once.

So I plan 6-8 months in advance. That way I have a good idea of where I need to go. I am reading for messages that are in Nov. and Dec. right now. And I read for stories and illustrations in newspapers and the net with an eye toward what I am preaching about in the coming weeks and months.

Right now I am planned through about Feb. of 09. That doesn't mean that I can't change. And certainly it is all really up to God and His leading. There are times I plan, and it does get changed. I am good with that...

Sooooo... I was thinking... If you go to FCC what things or topics would you like to hear about? Do you have a particular subject, or passage that you would like to hear more about and learn from? Is there a concern or a need that you would to hear more about what the Word of God says?

I have some ideas for next spring and summer, but I welcome the input.

By the way, if you don't attend FCC, send some ideas of what you would like your preacher to address. It may not fit for us, but you never know, it might spark something in my spirit... which I can pray about and see how God leads.