Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer blogging is a challenge...

Today, I find myself in Joliet Illinois. Lydia and James live here now, launching a ministry with the Cornerstone Christian Church.

Some observations...

1. It is kind of strange for us to be making a long trip to see one of our kids. They have always been either home or close to home. Now they are 680 miles away.

2. Each moment I spend with all four of our kids, I am more amazed than ever how much God has blessed us. This summer, one is in Illinois, one is in Maine, one is in Faytettville Arkansas, and one is in Joliet. All four love God and love their families. Does it really get any better than that?

3. It gets really hot in Chicago too. 94 today.

4. Traveling is still hard on me. We spent the night in St.Louis... and headed out on the last leg of the trip Sunday morning. About 30 minutes in, I got sick... and felt terrible all day yesterday. Too much activity I guess..

5. I miss getting to preach on Sunday. Sunday was the third Sunday I have had in a row where I was not preaching... I love preaching...

Our Vacation takes us from Chicago to Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma later this week. Should be fun... always great to spend time with friends and family.