Sunday, January 31, 2010


The weekend is over...some thoughts...

A MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY.....Sometimes on Sundays I wonder if people are really listening... or if they are a 1000 miles away. I know most are "in and out" depending on the subject...In this day of multi-tasking I wonder if people are just more wired to be present in one place and somehow be present in another. I see people with thier I-Phones and I wonder if they are on Facebook, or really using a Bible App. Someone asked me this week how I felt about all the people using phone bible app's. I said, "I am not sure..." I think you just have to trust the intentions of people. Not everyone is on the up and up with this... and some people are pretty bold about what they do in church... But it occurs to me that even if people are only "there" part of the time, or if they are distracted...somehow God can get through. He always does.

A SECOND MOMENT OF TRANSPARENCY.....It is a challenge to preach to a room that is only 1/4 full ( especially when everyone is spread out.) A real challenge.

I LOVE THIS IDEA.... of "Family Experience." (FX) It was a great thing to see moms, dads, grandparents and kids going to worship together. I think James, Aaron and the Children's Ministry Team are sending an important message to families..... "Christianity is a family affair."

It is kind of scary how far we have gotten away from what the Bible describes in Deut. 6. Imagine this... Mom, Dad's, grandparents and kids figuring out what it means to be a true disciple TOGETHER. Is there really any better environment for our kids to learn about Jesus and what it means to follow Him than in the HOME? Church programming is a supplement...never meant to be the only influence in a child's life.

As churches have gotten bigger, they have gotten more specialized. I am not against that at all... I think that children's programs in churches are important. But I also think that occassionally we should remind each other that it is not the church's responsibility to do all the teaching of children. Moms, Dads and grandparents have the greatest INFLUENCE on a child.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I love hearing about the people who attend our church being "out there" helping others. Many of our wonderful members were out at "Extreme Home Makeover" to help build a new home for a family. Some provided manpower. Some provided leadership. Some provided support and encouragement. I just love the fact that people put themselves out there...and don't believe that the sum total of their Christianity is what happens from 9-11 AM on Sunday Morning.

Is this not what we have been talking about all month... INFLUENCE.... The church needs to leave the building.! It's happening! There is alot more to come as we explore partnerships with our community.

By the way, I think it is amazing that we had nearly 1000 people at church today... with all the snow and Ice. We had dozens of people at Discovery 101 this afternoon. We have three missions trips to Honduras, Thailand and China coming up this spring and summer. We have 600 adults in groups and classes. Matt can't find enough room for groups to meet...

What does all that say? I am not sure, but I am excited about what God is up to at FCC.

Enough reflections... I will try to write more often... so maybe they will be shorter. I won't promise that :) But I will try.