Monday, May 12, 2008

A Trip...

Pam and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Israel. We are excited about the trip. We are traveling with some friends from the church. We will be gone about 14 days. Our kids will be in and out...coming and going during that time.

Our "trek" takes us to New York City, the to Tel Aviv, 6 days in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee, and then 6 more days in Jerusalem. Pam has been before (in college),but I have never been in that part of the world.

I will be posting along the way, so check back once in a while.

Meanwhile if you want you can pray for us...there are a couple things on our minds...

One, we are looking forward to what God will teach us through this trip. To be where Jesus walked, taught, lived and died... and then rose from the dead is a bit overwhelming. We know that God can bring a depth and richness to our lives through this.

Two, this is "getting away." I find that I do better when I am far away. So pray that I will "decompress" from all the church life, and just enjoy the moment.

Three, you can pray that Elizabeth's baby will hold off from coming until we get back. We do not expect the world to stop for us. But it would be nice is baby Grace comes while we are in the neighborhood. It is a small thing, but one of the considerations and matter of prayer for us. So far, everything is great!

Four, pray for our saftey. It is kind of wierd going into a world zone where there is such unrest... just this week Beriut broke out in a kind of mini-civil war. Although we will not be in those areas, again we are in the neighborhood. I think it will be really good for us to be somewhere where they do not enjoy the same freedoms we do here in America. I love our country, but I am sure that I will have a new appreciation for it all.

Last, you could pray for our kids. While we are gone, Lydia and James will be packing and loading to come back to Owasso. ( To arrive on the same day we get back!). Joel is beginning to make new preparations to relocate as well... Abigial will be getting out of college, coming home, flying to Chicago to help Lydia and James move back...and Elizabeth and Nathaniel will be making last minute preps for the biggest change in a lifetime...a baby.

So you can see it is a busy time for us. It is a time of rich blessings from God. We thank Him for our lives.

Thanks for praying...




Nathaniel and Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you posted about the trip! I can't believe you are in the air already!!!! Love you guys!

Life of an Army wife said...

Have FUN!!!
All is well here, Duane leaves tommorrow for school,45 days. He is doing good, well talk later! Justin is now 18 and set off for his life! Pray for me!!!! Now I totally understand what my mom went thru!!!!!! Did I just say that?
I understand the world thing, very hard to send Duane over sees!!!

Love you both

Anonymous said...